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                  OFFICE  BEARERS  2018

                                                                 86 TRANSPORT VIETNAM ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED

                                                                                      ASSOCIATION OFFICE BEARERS

The Committee

The Annual General Meeting on 22 March  2018 elected the following;

                                                                                 President                                  Bill DENNY   AM BM

                                                                                 Secretary/Treasurer              Bill HIGNETT OAM

                                                                                 Minute Secretary                   Graham BULGER

                                                                                 Committee Members            Rudi  BOS  &  Ian MILNES

Webmaster for the 86 Website and Moderator of the  86 Facebook Page

The Committee has appointed;

Webmaster                             Rob  BRADBERY

Moderator  (Facebook)        Bill   HIGNETT

Tribute Coordinator

The Committee has appointed

Tribute Coordinator              Denis HICKS

2019 Reunion Committee

The Committee has appointed the following members to organise the 2019 reunion at Wagga Wagga from 22 to 26 April 2019

Convenor                               Peter   SOUTHWELL

Treasurer                               Sue      MERRIFIELD

Secretary                               Faye     SOUTHWELL                            

Committee Members         Wayne LYONS,   Don KALIS,  Mick MERRIFIELD,  Colin  LOCKE, Barry   FIELD.  Margaret  McDONALD

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