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                                                     86 TRANSPORT VIETNAM ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED HISTORY

                                                                                                       By  Bill HIGNETT





In 1998 a small group of former drivers who had served in Vietnam started to meet to organise the first national reunion of former members of  86 Transport Platoon in Adelaide around Anzac Day 1999. During the 1999 Reunion Committee Meeting in Adelaide on 21 September 1998, it was decided to form the 86 Transport Vietnam Association and seek incorporation under the South Australian Associations Incorporation Act 1985.


it was decided to form our unit association to assist with future reunions. In addition we would assist our members with their claims before the Veterans Review Board and hold a register to assist with future reunions and arrange for seed grants to start up the next reunion. In addition the association could assist members to attend funeral services for our deceased unit members.

The original committee members present at the meeting who formed the inaugural membership and sponsored the formation of the Association were Bill Denny, Bill Hignett, Rod Langman, Graham Bulger, Bill Moyle, Barry Field, Ian Milnes and Harry White.

A constitution was developed and approved at the meeting on 5 October 1998.

The office bearers elected at that meeting were President Bill Denny, Secretary, Bill Hignett, Minute Secretary Graham Bulger, Treasurer Bill Moyle, Public Officer, Bill Hignett, Committee members, Rod Langman and Barry Field. On 26 July 2000, Bill Moyle resigned as Treasurer and the Committee decided to combine the roles of Secretary/Treasurer with the position currently being held by Bill Hignett.

An application seeking incorporation of the Association was completed and forwarded to the SA Office of Consumer and Business Affairs with incorporation approved on 5 July 2001.

We are a small association with as at 31 December 2016, $2,217.95 in the bank. Members currently do not pay an annual subscription. We rely on small donations from each of our biennial reunions to run the association. We also obtain small grants from the State Government and Commonwealth Department of Veterans Affairs to assist with some of the running of the reunions eg transporting our members to the Dawn Service and the Anzac Day March. We need to retain our incorporation to receive these grants.

The affairs of the Association are maintained, managed and controlled by a Committee which in addition to any powers and authorities conferred by the constitution may exercise powers and do all such things as are within the objects of the Association.

                                                            The current Committee of the Association elected at the GM on 9 March  2018  is;

                                                                                             President –-------------------- Bill  DENNY

                                                                                             Secretary/Treasurer ----– Bill  HIGNETT

                                                                                             Minute Secretary --------– Graham  BULGER

                                                                                             Committee Members ---- Ian  MILNES  &  Rudi  BOS

                                                                                             Public Officer –-------------- Bill  HIGNETT

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